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 The earth does not belong to man, Man belongs to the earth”

                                                           Chief Sitting Bull


Welcome, to the website of André and Anita Gilden,

This site shows a small selection of their work. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any other special wishes or enquiries.

We like you to have a pleasant visit, information and images are regular updated, so please visit regularly!




The image "Play hour" seen in the center has won the topic of the year category "polar regions" at the Memorial Maria Luisa photocompetition.

Cute Polar Bear Cub goes worldwide

Cute Polar Bear Cub

Our spectacular footage of the coming out from a den by a polar bear mother and cub is used by Barcroft tv for this amazing video.

Polar bear cubs

Lion Cub

Short video made by Anita about two small polar bear cubs enjoying mum.